18 Rules for Space Planning for your home

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·         No one can make room Physically Bigger. But using right kind of colors, and right kind of Architectural choices, you can make your room feel larger.

·         Remember Roof Height always adds to the impression of Space.

·         To squeeze the maximum impact of the space, you should always understand how the space is going to be used.

·         Clutter makes a room feel smaller. Too much furniture in a room makes it look small.

·         Get everything out and paint it White., Your are not able to find corner in a white Box.

·         Avoid all the elements in one room together.

·         There is a relationship between Light, Glass & Space. Use as much Glass in your Space as you can.

·         Use Sliding Screens to separate the room rather than fixed walls & doors.

·         Wooden Flooring bounce back the Light and Sound, that maximize the Light and feeling of space.

·         Direction of the flooring also have an impact, Diagonal Lines of Flooring increases the feeling of the width, whereas the vertical lines increases length & depth.

·         Vertical lines on the wall increase the feeling of height, whereas horizontal lines increased the feeling of width, but lets the ceiling down.

·         Dark color on the ceiling and floor, will let the whole space down, decreases the feeling of height.

·         Dark color on the wall, decreases the depth, but increases the width.

·         Mirrors in the room always reflects like windows, therefore making the whole space look bigger.

·         Focal point, any picture on the wall, makes the wall blurred, in turn feels like a large room.

·         Rule of furniture is to move away the furniture from walls.

·         Distance between the sitting should be like, you can look someone in the eye of person, you should read the expressions on face.

·         Instead of bulky Sofa, Flexible sitting with storage is good.

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