• Space Planning

    Space Planning is one of the most important aspects of Interior design. Without proper planning, a room can end up awkward at best or disastrous at worst. Our goal is to accomplish this beautifully, comfortably, tastefully and so gracefully that the placement of all the objects seems both obvious and surprising.

  • Vaastu Consultants

    • Placement of furniture in all the rooms
    • Placement of the accessories in the kitchen and bathroom.
    • Suggesting the colour schemes for paints for different rooms.
    • Suggesting the colours of the drapery and choice of materials for different rooms.
    • Suggesting the colour for the exteriors.
    • Placement of invertors, washing machine, electrical items.
    • Choice and placement of plants to be put in an area and plants to be avoided in the building.
  • Modular Kitchen

    Modular Kitchen is a growing trend, it is essential need if you need organized storage, convenient work place, comfort and exquisiteness. Modular kitchen is easy to install, maintain and repair. We provide Modern, elegant Modular Kitchens. High Quality Products that we use, comes with Life Time Warranty from Manufacturers.

  • Wardrobes

    Luxurious closets that render ample room for thought to all those who almost rub-off their chins before dressing up for any occasion. With Sexy build, these wardrobes are not just the latest fashion fad but serve a lot in terms of technology and functionality.

  • TV Units

    The Entertainment section is probably the most important and central part of the living room. We usually prop our TV’s up on a TV Cabinet or attach them to the wall appropriately facing our couches.

  • False Ceiling

    We offers and innovative residential ceiling design ideas that creates unique ambience, Elegant & Smooth Finish.

  • Mini Bar

    Growing trend of every Modern Home. Some people want to setup proper Bar while some feel contented by just having a Mini Bar Cabinet at home.

  • Partition

    Creations Décor provide High quality Partition walls made of either Wooden, Glass, Metal, Plastic that makes your space more optimized and useful.