• Office

    The most successful office design provides the best in both form and function. By this we mean the space must function for the tasks to be accomplished there, but the ‘form’ or the literal execution of the design, must always be perfectly integrated to optimize efficiency. Often office spaces are limited in size, and calling on an expert designer who can conceive of inventive ways of re-imagining your space is what Designer Previews excels at.

  • Retail

    Sometimes the best thing about going shopping is seeing a fabulous new space that stops you in your tracks. That’s what smart branding and innovative design can do together.  If you want your  brand matched with distinctive design , let Creations Décor show you the work of the best, most versatile retail designs.

  • Bar & Restaurant

    Restaurants have become temples of design. We now dine in restaurants that have distinctive identities created for them by top flight designers and architects.

  • Salon

    We have the team of expert designers who develop comfortable, appealing and attractive layout for the beauty parlor. They guide clients for quality materials usage, which offer reliability and cost efficient solutions.

  • Gyms

    Having a smart home gym is a wonderful way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your workout routines. If You are designing a new facility, or refurbishing an existing, we are here to help you.